TorrentRover Version History


v1.3.5 – 12/21/2019

  • Fixed search logic when running a Rover with multiple queries
  • Improved search result filtering logic (result must contain 1 non-numeric/non-numeral search term unless those are the only search terms)
  • Added DuckDuckGo to Plugins and replaced Google with DDG for all “Feeling Lucky” style search plugins
  • Fixed duplicate query check when adding a new Rover (wasn’t working for multi-query Rovers)
  • Improved how Discounts are handled and shown in Purchase screen
  • Fixed bug causing certain dispatcher events to close TorrentRover without warning

v1.3.4 – 6/7/2019

  • Fixed several stability and performance issues
  • Improved speed in several circumstances in Add/Edit Rover window
  • Fixed Age converter for ExtraTorrent
  • Added workaround for accidental Rover multi-select issue
  • Added failed queries to fail info popup area
  • Updated some plugin links
  • Fixed duplicate query issue
  • Fixed auto-refresh issue

v1.3.3 – 2/16/2019

  • Fixed HideFinished and HideBanned checkboxes
  • Updated TheTVDB search
  • Improved resolution filter functionality
  • Fixed service issue related to server move
  • Updated primary service endpoint URL

v1.3.2 – 11/24/2018

  • Improved performance in points algorithm
  • Added Manual Proxy Server settings

v1.3.1 – 11/10/2018

  • Huge improvement to startup performance when opening existing file
  • Added special handling when someone searches for question mark character(s) only
  • Added auto-refresh search results when a selected search has unfinished queries
  • Updated Resolution options, filtering, and scoring
  • Added filtered results info bubble popup
  • Improved refresh and scoring code from Edit Rover view and Edit Rovers view
  • Added code to allow TorrentRover sharing URI scheme to work even for TorrentRover Portable (if the user is in the Administrators group or the app is launched as Administrator)
  • Fixed Rank numbering not working in certain edge cases
  • Improved type-to-search to find a Rover by title

v1.3.0 – 10/18/2018

  • Added new Feedback menu item
  • Improved handling of magnet links so that they always get a display name (makes it easier to work with when magnet link data takes a long time to load)
  • Improved type-to-search feature to find rovers by name
  • Changed minimum search result auto-refresh time to 15 minutes
  • Fixed null reference exception in versioning code
  • Improved result filtering (including filtering results that don’t match numerical search terms)
  • Improved code that removes old/stale results from refreshed search results
  • Fixed a minor hashing issue (changed from Unicode to UTF8)
  • Updated Exception Details stacktrace
  • Updated “Shutting Down…” window title to “TorrentRover – Shutting Down…” so the user knows what’s delaying shutdown or restart
  • Fixed Facebook and Twitter sharing rewards
  • Improved installer (support for bootstrapped Windows Installer 3.5 and 4.5 and .NET 3.5 SP1)
  • Added code to prevent direct URL searching
  • Added code to fix date/age issue when a torrent is “3 m” old (some sites use “m” for a minute and some use it for a month)
  • Update Share URL code
  • Added a few hours to default wait time between weekly/daily searches for TV and Movies
  • Fixed uTorrent portable toolbar default visibility
  • Added Subscription and Donation confirmation refresh code so TorrentRover updates subscription status
  • Updated WMI error checking

v1.2.7 – 12/6/2017

  • Replaced memory checking method (not all systems support Performance Counters, so switched to WMI)

v1.2.6 – 12/5/2017

  • Fixed issues with Discount Codes
  • Fixed memory checking code (was causing TorrentRover to close when it shouldn’t)

v1.2.5 – 11/7/2017

  • Fixed TLS support issue for users with older versions of .NET (please update to latest .NET 3.5.1 for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support)
  • Fixed filter for results that don’t include all search terms (didn’t include format search term)
  • Fixed rare crash issue when opening a trf file

v1.2.4 – 11/5/2017

  • Added TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support
  • Added option to filter results that don’t match all search terms
  • Fixed format filtering for formats with multiple search terms (e.g. Season SS)
  • Updated Category matching logic
  • Added timeout to result matches so results are faster

v1.2.3 – 10/5/2017

  • Updated Discount Code handling (allows auto apply discount from server)
  • Updated Points/Scoring code for Rating/Health/Verified/Fake
  • Added default Season Episode in Add Rover window for weekly TV show
  • Fixed Date Next Expected Success manual removal bug
  • Fixed Search text for weekly and daily Rovers
  • Added TheTvDb plugin
  • Fixed a few rare crash bugs
  • Improved Reward and Subscription loading

v1.2.2 – 9/15/2017

  • Fixed link in Quick Start Guide video to work with htm5 (youtube deprecated flash video embedding)
  • Added info to Discount Code area on Upgrade TorrentRover window
  • Fixed opening trf before share URL when TorrentRover opens from share URL
  • Updated Rover and Search share URL
  • Fixed threaded error diagnostics

v1.2.1 – 9/12/2017

  • Added Discount interface to Upgrade window
  • Fixed Dialog popups from Upgrade window
  • Fixed memory bloat issues when deleting Rover(s) or merging trf
  • Fixed minor bug in Season/Episode formatting for Format “EEEEEE”
  • Fixed Proxy compatibility issues (remotely disabled)
  • Fixed UserAgent compatibility issues with some search sites
  • Added code to convert all Base32 hash codes to Base16(Unicode)
  • Improved threaded exception debugging
  • Improved machine ID code to prevent Subscription drops
  • Fixed message warnings
  • Updated time/date parsing code to parse multiple parts

v1.2.0 – 8/4/2017

  • Fixed Rank sequence after deleting a Rover (Thanks to Bryan Youngblood for reporting this bug!)
  • Added the ability to treat comma as a decimal separator when calculating file sizes
  • Updated code that controls when to automatically refresh a selected search
  • Improved stability in Event Viewer during startup
  • Improved stability in code dealing with object hierarchy/parentage
  • Fixed deadlocking code paths (app could freeze under certain circumstances)
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • Added code to prevent search results refresh while search is still running
  • Improved button clickability logic (command bindings)
  • Improved filtering of filtered/redundant search results
  • Updated code to auto-refresh search results that didn’t finish from the last time TorrentRover ran
  • Updated Subscription Recovery dialog
  • Changed handling of saving to a read-only file (it won’t overwrite it anymore, but you’ll get a warning)
  • Lots of other minor performance enhancements
  • Lots of other minor stability enhancements

v1.1.22 – 7/12/2017

  • Fixed a few crash errors
  • Fixed index out of range errors
  • Fixed Search locking (stability)
  • Updated Title code
  • Updated Search progress bar visibility before searches finish
  • Updated Preferences -> Searching -> Quick Search tab layout

v1.1.21 – 7/1/2017

  • Fixed auto-refresh search results when selecting search with 0 results
  • Fixed date parsing code (Upload date and Age)
  • Fixed some other bugs that can cause crashes
  • Updated code to support advanced category parsing
  • Improved Rover type-to-find searching
  • Added user feedback dialogs when Reward sharing fails or Subscription fails

v1.1.20 – 6/20/2017

  • Fixed paging status when refreshing searches that have sites that have been deprecated
  • Fixed bug in Get More Results that was causing it to not search on all selected sites
  • Updated Busy Indicator on Upgrade TorrentRover window
  • Updated Upgrade TorrentRover reward sharing process

v1.1.19 – 5/25/2017

  • Fixed WMI missing error
  • Fixed handling of deprecated sites and formats
  • Updated UI for search progress bar for deprecated sites and formats
  • Fixed code signing for installer

v1.1.18 – 5/15/2017

  • Fixed Facebook rewards sharing bug
  • Added new default search sites
  • Minor UI updates
  • Fixed locking slowdown caused by using multiple search sites
  • Sped up results refresh when a search site returns no results

v1.1.17 – 5/6/2017

  • Fixed issue not searching all sites selected
  • Fixed crash bug for some daily rovers
  • Fixed minor thread safety issue
  • Updated UI in Promote window

v1.1.16 – 4/29/2017

  • Added multiple new search sites (TorrentProject, Zooqle, TorrentDownloads, LimeTorrents, and Demonoid)
  • Updated default search sites
  • Updated title bar name ending (Free to Basic, Trial, Pro, etc.)
  • Updated search terms filtering to remove torrents that match only by season episode code

v1.1.15 – 4/19/2017

  • Fixed error opening torrent files without wrapping file name in quotes (caused broken call)
  • Fixed Refresh Results not honoring filters
  • Fixed TorrentRover Update coming back after user clicks Yes to update

v1.1.14 – 4/14/2017

  • Fixed default values for Season and Episode for Advanced Search when added through Share Rover
  • Fixed EEEEEE format for Advanced Search
  • Improved performance with type-to-search Rovers
  • Updated Subscription Recovery options to include PayPal
  • Fixed Regex error causing errors

v1.1.13 – 4/7/2017

  • Fixed saved filesize bloat issue
  • Fixed minor issue in how multi-query searches work (e.g. Search1,Search2) on refresh
  • Updated save code to work the fast/new way but fallback to the old way if machine virtual memory is insufficient
  • Fixed Add/Edit Rover UI issue where search box would grow if text was too long
  • Fixed UI refresh/sort issue with dates (Refresh Results changes DateLastRan and DateNextRun, but wasn’t sorted correctly when sort was set on these columns)
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs

v1.1.12 – 3/10/2017

  • Fixed auto update definitions issue
  • Fixed incompatible definitions issue
  • Fixed “refresh results” behavior to be more like it used to be (keep finished and banned results even if they are from a site or format no longer searched for so we don’t lose if the search was finished or not)
  • Shrunk file size slightly by fixing Torrent Rating serialization
  • Improved installer compatibility in some circumstances
  • Updated Subscription Recovery message to include the email address the confirmation email is sent to

v1.1.11 – 3/4/2017

  • Fixed some bugs that could cause a crash
  • Fixed multi-save issue (sometimes TorrentRover would save state two or three times in a row when it didn’t need to)
  • Fixed status bar event tracking lag issue
  • Fixed minor UI binding error
  • Fixed code to avoid auto-refreshing search results when results are from multiple pages (don’t remove paged results)
  • Improved performance in several scenarios
  • Fixed paging counter
  • Fixed search status message

v1.1.10 – 3/2/2017

  • Added multi-query searching
  • Added multi-query separators in preferences
  • Added donation rewards
  • Fixed column sorting in advanced view
  • Updated definition update code to insure definitions update before refreshing anything
  • Updated menu option visibility
  • Updated download success message
  • Fixed app crash in a couple situations
  • Updated Upgrade TorrentRover wording and layout in some situations
  • Updated UsageStats window in some situations
  • Updated default sizing of main window
  • Changed backup uTorrent install location
  • Fixed bugs

v1.1.9 – 1/4/2017

  • Added Service Timeout option to Preferences
  • Fixed Definition Update (code and UI)
  • Improved/Updated UI in a few places

v1.1.8 – 12/29/2016

  • Fixed visual state locking issue (sometimes buttons that should have been clickable weren’t)
  • Fixed setup prerequisites and .NET version bootstrapper
  • Fixed potential visual overlap of Forced Update window over Update Available window (can only happen when running a deprecated version of TorrentRover)
  • Fixed bug checking for proxy service availability
  • Fixed ScrollIntoView bug in torrent list control
  • Updated UI element visibility rules to allow Subscription Recovery while in Trial or Reward mode as well as Free mode
  • Improved code to retrieve the Definitions slightly
  • Fixed bug related to reading selected definition IDs out of settings file when those definitions have been deprecated
  • Minor visual improvement in Usage Stats window

v1.1.7 – 12/8/2016

  • Fixed a few bugs when accessing Registry
  • Fixed reward privacy warning messages to prevent confusion
  • Cleaned up the installer (removed some unnecessary files)

v1.1.6 – 12/4/2016

  • Added uTorrent Portable (to open torrent/magnet in case user has no torrent/magnet client installed)
  • Removed confusing error messages about missing torrent client
  • Updated date parse code for torrent results in some cases
  • Updated default search sites and timout settings
  • Updated menu icon colors to match toolbar button icon colors
  • Fixed install successful double landing page (removed install successful landing page)
  • Added Search level sharing (share a search in the middle of a list of searches in a Rover)
  • Updated code to save and open TorrentRover files (better performance)
  • Updated error message text in a few places
  • Updated text on Reward/Payment window
  • Updated code to check for required definitions before allowing the app to search
  • Updated Definition update code so that it is no longer optional and auto updates anytime an update is available
  • Added MachineId tracking to config so that if machine identifying keys change (due to hardware upgrade or Windows upgrade), we can auto recover the machine info
  • Added feedback mechanism for subscription cancellation (and a couple other things)
  • Updated UI element visibility based on Subscription rules (Free/Reward/Pro/Trial)
  • Updated code to allow XP compatibility (.NET 2.0 instead of .NET 3.5)
  • Updated handling for several error conditions

v1.1.5 – 10/25/2016

  • Fixed a few more bugs.  Some could cause TorrentRover to crash
  • Fixed Windows 10 installer issue (some Windows 10 users reported that the installer would fail.)
  • Fixed Export error message that would show in the status bar with multiple lines
  • Updated Event Viewer error details binding
  • Fixed null uploader comment issue in Details
  • Updated code to update save visual in status bar so that the image goes away even if there is a save error
  • Updated code to protect Definition updates
  • Updated default quick search sites for new installations

v1.1.4 – 10/20/2016

  • Fixed bug causing deprecated definitions to not be removed
  • Fixed bug causing Rover to not get a Next Run date when a finished torrent result it banned
  • Added debug info for delegate code paths

v1.1.3 – 10/8/2016

  • Fixed Twitter timeout when reward sharing
  • Improved text/layout clarity on Reward/Subscription pop-up window
  • Fixed visual bug in search progress bar (search appears stalled/failed)
  • Fixed bug where Next Run Date was getting cleared when it shouldn’t be
  • Updated text on Preferences
  • Fixed several other bugs, some found to cause crashes

v1.1.2 – 9/20/2016

  • Fixed handling of search 404 errors
  • Fixed reward scraping
  • Updated Reward/Payment window layout
  • Improved auto search functionality

v1.1.1 – 9/15/2016

  • Improved auto search/refresh when selecting a search with no results
  • Added better error handling for broken proxy links
  • Fixed KickassTorrents (switched to

v1.1.0 – 9/8/2016

  • Fixed search results filter (TV shows were getting filtered incorrectly before)
  • Fixed Export window layout
  • Fixed group box text for Auto Action in Preferences
  • Added Share Rover to the main Rover menu
  • Added code to auto refresh results when search is selected and has no results yet

v1.0.12 – 9/6/2016 (deprecated)

  • Updated version type to STABLE
  • Improved error handling
  • Fixed search loop causing save loop (caused high CPU usage)

v1.0.11 – 9/2/2016 (deprecated)

  • Added code to “undo” a download when the download fails due to a bad link
  • Updated error handling features
  • Fixed Automation feature for DownloadAll
  • Improved handling for hyperlinks in Uploader Comment in Details window
  • Fixed progress bar visual in search status area
  • Fixed bug not removing old search results from queries not searched for in updated search
  • Fixed date parsing torrent upload date for search engines that use GMT time
  • Improved format filter for search results

v1.0.10 – 8/19/2016 (deprecated)

  • Fixed TV category handling for some search sites
  • Fixed Share URL character encoding
  • Fixed a few crash error conditions
  • Improved stability in several scenarios
  • Fixed visibility of Manage Subscription menu after user cancels subscription

v1.0.9 – 8/10/2016 (deprecated)

  • Fixed several bugs
  • Added FAQ link to Reward and Subscription windows

v1.0.8 – 8/5/2016 (deprecated)

  • Added Share Rover functionality
  • Fixed Search format casing
  • Fixed Audio and Music conflict bug
  • Fix TV category bug
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs

v1.0.7 – 8/3/2016 (deprecated)

  • Fixed Twitter Sharing
  • Fixed KickassTorrents (KAT) definition
  • Added the ability to quick search inside torrent grid (user request)
  • Added option to remove search results with the wrong format (daily/weekly searches only)
  • Added TorrentRover URI scheme for interacting with TorrentRover with a URL (link)
  • Fixed UI not updating after resetting Preferences
  • Removed TorrentRover from startup folder as part of the installation
  • Fixed Datagrid crashing when adding a new Rover in Advanced View
  • Added F5 as a key gesture to refresh the selected search results
  • Fixed some search formats being ignored incorrectly
  • Updated Details view
  • Updated status bar and top bar layout
  • Fixed download balloon text for paid version
  • Fixed “Open Last Saved” dialog popping over top of “Update Available” dialog
  • Fixed code that handles removing deprecated search sites and formats

v1.0.6 – 6/10/2016 (deprecated)

  • Fixed code for list virtualizing (performance improvement)
  • Updated code to handle manual next run date when adding Rover from Add Rover window
  • Updated Cancel Subscription functionality

v1.0.5 – 4/30/2016 (deprecated)

  • Fixed a bug in DataGrid that crashed TorrentRover in v1.0.4.
  • Improved Installer a bit

v1.0.4 – 4/30/2016 (deprecated)

  • Improved performance (greatly) for large lists of searches and search results
  • Fixed auto file delete when all searches removed from file
  • Added clarification text to Reward/Payment options
  • Added saving icon to status bar
  • Fixed a lot of bugs

v1.0.3 – 3/14/2016 (deprecated)

  • Updated visibility of donation elements depending on version payment type
  • Fixed handling of open, recent, and last closed torrent rover file (trf)
  • Fixed code that deletes empty torrent rover files
  • Fixed category code issue with ExtraTorrent
  • Updated UpdateTR window to be modal on startup
  • Added minor performance enhancements
  • Updated binding converter code (casting code was poor)
  • Improved scoring (points) code
  • Changed header string “SL Ratio” to “Ratio”
  • Fixed newline constant in torrent title
  • Improved code to activate open torrent rover file when opening torrent rover file from file
  • Added the ability to cancel a paid subscription

v1.0.2 – 2/18/2016 (deprecated)

  • Improved Rewards support
  • Improved balloon notification clarity for when download fails

v1.0.1 – 2/14/2016 (deprecated)

  • Improved busy indicator on Rewards
  • Updated rewards flow a little bit

v1.0.0 – 2/13/2016 (deprecated)

  • Fixed multiple episode skip logic in daily/weekly searches
  • Added new Reward/Payment model and popup
  • Fixed DatePicker control bug

v0.23.5 – 2/8/2016 (deprecated)

  • Improved message readability
  • Fixed SSL compatibility
  • Improved checks for .NET
  • Improved threading logic and threaded error handling
  • Added check for torrent client before auto opening downloads
  • Added check for PeerBlock after download completes
  • Added Promote window to ask for help spreading TorrentRover
  • Improved search filter
  • Reorganized Preferences
  • Added “Hide Finished” option on main window
  • Improved search site definitions
  • Fixed issue with tray icon
  • Fixed keyword filtering bug
  • Improved message boxes
  • Fixed Update Definitions bug
  • Updated proxy code to new provider
  • Lots of internal improvements and bug fixes

v0.23.4 – 7/1/2015 (deprecated)

  • Fixed type-to-find jumping around and losing what you typed
  • Fixed a few visual issues where edited values weren’t showing up properly in main window
  • Fixed a few minor security bugs
  • Added check for necessary version of .NET framework 3.5 SP1
  • Fixed a few minor bugs
  • Added support for TPB CloudFlare SSL
  • Fixed window visibility issues when minimizing to tray
  • Fixed window ordering and focus issues
  • Improved message handling

v0.23.3 – 6/12/2015 (deprecated)

  • Fixed a bug involved in ThePirateBay magnet links
  • Fixed several rarely occurring crash bugs
  • Improved search term filtering
  • Improved permissions checking
  • Fixed Save As issues
  • Added search progress bar

v0.23.2 – 5/23/2015 (deprecated)

  • Improved performance in many circumstances
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • Updated a few search site definitions
  • Improved message box appearance – all system message boxes changed to prettier Ookii message boxes
  • Improved save logic
  • Improved format filtering for TV shows
  • Fixed looping calls to close when Windows session is ending
  • Fixed bug where we check for updates even when user Preferences say not to
  • Fixed crash when opening Details window
  • Improved category parsing of search results
  • Improved code so that the default TorrentRover web browser is the system default browser unless and until the user changes this in Preferences
  • Added category filtering in case search site ignores category request
  • Improved search result scoring
  • Improved episode skipping for weekly and daily rovers
  • Fixed lots of bugs in daily rovers
  • Fixed a bug that slows TorrentRover down a lot when saving Preferences
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved read only file handling
  • Improved handling of 526 errors returned from CloudFlare (TPB)
  • Fixed paging error in BitSnoop
  • Fixed focus problem when using shortcut keys
  • Fixed type-to-search timer issues
  • Fixed sorting not refreshing when data changes
  • Fixed simple view background color disappearing when you click on something else
  • Fixed multi rover edit bug

v0.23.1 – 3/11/2015 (deprecated)

  • Updated TorrentRover Portable installer
  • Improved TorrentRover Portable version startup speed
  • Updated search site definitions
  • Added magnet link support for downloads
  • Improved definition update logic
  • Added graceful shut down when you end Windows session (shut down or log off)
  • Added porn category
  • Added porn filter option in Preferences
  • Improved some TR message box messages
  • Fixed a few bugs

v0.23.0 – 2/26/2015 (deprecated)

  • Fixed definition reference problems after definition update
  • Fixed repeating update popup after user says no
  • Fixed definition update freezing bug
  • Fixed Preferences closing app bug (portable version only)
  • Added days of the week to Daily Rover options
  • Fixed crash bug caused by definitions not containing all properties for object when deserialzied
  • Improved Rover multi edit logic
  • Added logic to handle monitor/resolution changes
  • Added better handling for sites that return a 404 error when no results are found for a search
  • Improved false match logic
  • Improved service timeout logic
  • Removed unnecessary dependency dlls from application folder (in Program Files\Torrentrover)
  • Improved next/previous season/episode logic
  • Fixed many other minor bugs

v0.22.11 – 12/11/2014 (deprecated)

  • Fixed stuck on Loading screen bug
  • Fixed a few threading issues
  • Fixed Preferences showing limit violation message when it shouldn’t
  • Updated About window
  • Fixed Rover sort getting lost after adding a new Rover
  • Fixed exceptions caused by Windows Shell dll
  • Fixed Type-to-select steeling focus when typing in Quick Search box
  • Fixed SSL trust exceptions for KickassTorrents
  • Fixed serialization issues caused by non visible ascii characters
  • Improved exception handling logic

v0.22.10 – 12/01/2014 (deprecated)

  • Added bulk searching (comma separated)
  • Added ability to paste multiple searches (comma separated or newline separated)
  • Added new options to Debug window
  • Added customizable timing color options in Preferences -> Timing
  • Updated ShutDown/Closing logic
  • Added cover message when TorrentRover is busy
  • Updated scoring logic
  • Changed Edit Rover window to hide what can’t be changed (Season and Episode or weekly search)
  • Updated Details window sizing and positioning
  • Improved startup time
  • Added code to ignore deprecated site definitions when running searches
  • Added code to hide Rover Up/Down buttons in simple view
  • Fixed Rover right click menu so that it doesn’t have to be selected before the context menu opens
  • Improved many threading and delegate/callback code paths
  • Fixed overuse of Save function
  • Updated Donate to go to website Donate page instead of popping up the Donate window in the app
  • Fixed category case sensitivity issue
  • Added timing to progress bar on Shutting Down
  • Added confirmation override key (shift)
  • Changed Queued status to Started
  • Fixed all binding errors causing slowdowns
  • Fixed recursive download issue causing stat sync issue
  • Changed Details window so it is not “Always on Top”

v0.22.9 – 10/17/2014 (deprecated)

  • Added new code to handle new database design on server
  • Fixed common cause of event 2068
  • Fixed a possible cause of event 2051
  • Fixed invalid bug caused by invalid XML in definitions
  • Added StackTrace to event info in Event Viewer
  • Updated Serialize/Deserialize (Save/Open) logic for trf files
  • Added ability for Usage Stats to update while open
  • Fixed crash event handler infinite loop
  • Fixed many other small bugs

v0.22.8 – 08/28/2014 (deprecated)

  • Added window positioning on startup
  • Added option to override MinManualAction limit
  • Fixed error handling in a few places
  • Added handling for some new command line arguments on startup
  • Fixed stability issues

v0.22.7 – 08/25/2014 (deprecated)

  • Fixed new install dependency issue

v0.22.6 – 08/07/2014 (deprecated)

  • Fixed “evaluation” build issue

v0.22.5 – 08/02/2014 (deprecated)

  • Improved file save code
  • Improved app shutdown code
  • Improved search speed in certain cases
  • Improved service call speed
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Fixed calculations for file sizes (1000 vs 1024)
  • Added exception handling for operations on worker threads
  • Added more help bubbles for complex features
  • Added new debug area

v0.22.4 – 06/09/2014

  • Fixed stability issues

v0.22.3 – 06/08/2014

  • Added point limit result filter (any result under a point limit is removed)
  • Added Portable Version

v0.22.2 – 05/10/2014

  • Added option to get multiple pages at a time when using get more results feature

v0.22.1 – never released to public

  • Fixed bug in preferences preventing quick search formats from being saved
  • Added export file function


v0.22 – 04/21/2014

  • Improved definition updating and implementation


v0.21.10 – 03/05/2014

  • Improved time zone handling for search results
  • Fixed some minor bugs


v0.21.9 – 02/25/2014

  • Added code to filter incorrect daily and weekly results from KickassTorrents
  • Fixed a bunch of rarely occurring bugs


v0.21.8 – 02/13/2014

  • Improved time zone handling for search results
  • Improved category matching for search results
  • Fixed several minor bugs


v0.21.7 – 02/05/2014

  • Fixed a few bugs that crashed crashes
  • Fixed a few server bugs


v0.21.6 – 01/29/2014

  • Reintroduced support for isoHunt
  • Fixed several bugs


v0.21.5 – 01/26/2014

  • Improved rover multi-edit feature
  • Improved resolution option handling
  • Fixed error logging


v0.21.4 – 01/20/2014

  • Fixed timeouts for countries outside the USA
  • Added minor user interface enhancements
  • Added thread prioritization for getting torrent points


v0.21.3 – 01/16/2014

  • Improved threading by prioritizing by task
  • Fixed duplicate windows and messages
  • Added minor user interface enhancements


v0.21.2 – 01/13/2014

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes


v0.21.1 – 01/13/2014

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes


v0.21 – 01/11/2014

  • Fixed once formats
  • Improved speed of services
  • Added sites column to rover advanced view
  • Improved type-to-select
  • Improved usage stats window


v0.20 – 08/08/2013 (deprecated)

  • Added daily search frequency option
  • Added daily and once search formats
  • Fixed event log bug that caused crashes
  • Improved type-to-select in rovers list
  • Added hide banned torrents option
  • Improved open/save logic
  • Improved torrent results parsing logic


v0.19.4 – 07/02/2013 (deprecated)

  • Fixed quick start video bug
  • Fixed adobe flash player link


v0.19.3 (build – 06/20/2013 (deprecated)

  • Fixed several minor bugs


v0.19.2 (build – 05/27/2013 (deprecated)

  • Improved time zone handling for search results
  • Added hide sidebar option
  • Fixed download progress bar going forever after download finished


v0.19.1 (build – 05/13/2013 (deprecated)

  • Fixed event viewer error causing TR crash
  • Fixed file save errors
  • Fixed other minor fixes and improvements


v0.19 beta (build – 04/25/2013 (deprecated)

  • Added event viewer
  • Improved file save logic


Version history beyond this point is in our version control system.  If you really want older version history, just ask in the forums or send an email, and we’ll add it.