John Loper II

John Loper IIJohn is the author of TorrentRover and its main developer.  As the author, he has been a part of the project since its beginning in June 2009. He continues to maintain TorrentRover, (both the old Silverlight site and current WordPress site), the TorrentRover forums site, and all underlying web services that allow TorrentRover to function.

John has a wonderful wife, Sara, and 5 amazing boys.  He has been writing computer software since 2007.  He learned from the best, his dad, who has been developing computer software since the ’80s.  If you’d like to learn more about John, you can check out his Facebook page or his LinkedIn page.


Ryan Loper

While John does most of TorrentRover’s development, we do use some outside contractors.  We are excited to have Ryan Loper (John’s cousin) to do all of the graphic design work.  He’s very talented, and he handles everything from icon art to greater design concepts.  He is a great resource to us, and we couldn’t do it without him!  He does amazing work, and he always makes us look good.  You can check him out at his website.


Sara Loper

Sara LoperSara Loper, John’s wife, helps keep up to date and looking good.  She’s always willing to help John with whatever needs done too.  She’s a great assistant and a talented writer.

She also runs her own blog,, which specializes in recipes, gardening, and the day to day events of the Loper family.  She started her website as a hobby and it is currently spreading worldwide.


Sean McVey

Sean McVey, close friend of John and Sara, is an HTML, CSS, and phpbb3 expert who is essential in the continuing development of the new TorrentRover website and forums.  He helps with design, setup, topic seeding and continues to help with anything we need.  He can learn and master any skill.

In his leisure time, Sean is a huge fan of weather research and amateur radio.  He builds custom radios and even sells many as a service to the local community.  You can find out more on his website.


John’s Dad

In the early days of TorrentRover, John’s dad was a great resource for architecture, design, and teaching.  He mentored John and has taught him all that he knows.  He played a major role in the early development of TorrentRover and continues to contribute today with database related needs.  He has helped with the threading for TorrentRover.  He has made TorrentRover possible and contributed greatly to its success.  John says, “I could not have done this without him.”