TorrentRover was started in June 2009 by John Loper II.  It was originally designed to be nothing more than a small helper tool intended for private use.  It’s primary purpose was to keep search results up to date and find weekly broadcast TV shows.  As the program took shape and more features were added, it became obvious that it was something that many people could benefit from. main window


The first alpha versions were distributed privately to John’s close friends and family in April 2011.  Many bugs were found and fixed, and many improvements were made.  Some months later in August 2011 the first public beta was released.  It was still fairly buggy and had lots of problems still needing fixed. main window


As of the time of this writing, TorrentRover is still in the beta phase, but it is much more stable.  Many issues have been found and fixed, and countless features have been added.  We currently empower nearly 80,000 users to find what they’re looking for.  There have also been over 3,000,000 torrent downloads through TorrentRover.